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Marcus Cross


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Marcus Cross is a Gospel recording artist from Cleveland, OH. Started out in the late 80's and early 90's with the Charles Woolfork and TPC choir. Scoring a record deal and working with Gospel great, Fred Hammond on their debut album. The choir appeared on hit TV shows such as BET's Teen Summit and The Bobby Jones Show. The choir disbanded within a year of the record deal due to label differences. Marcus veered off to secular music by becoming a hip hop artist. He formed a group called "Lost City" which traveled the Country performing and opening up for such acts like Jadakiss and Alicia Keys. The group had garnered the attention of Def Jam and due to contract differences, that situation never transpired. In 2012, Marcus suffered a near fatal stroke and blood clot which caused him to give his life to God. In the summer of 2012, Marcus garnered the attention of Grammy nominated songwriter and CEO of Global Exec Records, Daniel Rucker. Since, Marcus has become the President of A&R and is currently in the studio finishing up his debut Gospel album due out sometime in 2021. 


Marcus Cross Videos

Marcus Cross Videos

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