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Peter Fumic


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Peter Fumic was born and raised in Rocky River, OH. A city just west of Cleveland. He began playing the piano at a very young age. Peter's father also played around with the piano in his spare time as he earned a living as a doctor. As many things interested Peter during his younger years, the piano was always something that kept him occupied. He learned himself how to play by ear with no professional training. 

Peter later became a co-founding member of the legendary Motown cover group called "The Croonerz". The group consisted of "Charles Grigsby" who was a top 10 contestant on American Idol. "Marcus Cross" who is an acclaimed singer / songwriter and President of A&R for Global Exec Records, and the late great Jerry Toothman. After the passing of Jerry, Peter and Marcus kept the legacy alive as a duo. Marcus Cross brought Peter to the attention of Daniel Rucker, Grammy nominated songwriter / producer and CEO of Global Exec Records. After a brief opportunity as a producer, Peter was awarded with a record deal as a classical pianist. Currently Peter's debut project was released on December 14, 2018 and is being played on easy listening radio stations worldwide. His latest masterpiece was the heartfelt ballad entitled "Broken Promises" that was on the debut album of pop artist, Hannah Nicole.  


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